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About us

The company Visiotech Ltd. was founded in 2006 in Katowice. The Company’s activity is concentrated on programming the industrial robots and on providing the assistance during the whole production process beginning from the phase of mechanical and electrical assembly up to the start-up of the whole installation, including the setting of process parameters (e.g. pressure welding, gluing).

The Company employs a number of qualified specialists in the field of automated technology, mechanics and electrotechnics who are familiar with the most modern technologies and participate in courses and trainings in this respect. They have participated in a number of projects all over the world, inter alia in the USA, China, Turkey, Romania, Serbia, Germany, Great Britain, Russia, Italy, Spain, etc.

Our company also organizes trainings and courses in programming COMAU industrial robots.


The company Visiotech Ltd. was founded in 2006 in Katowice.(e.g. pressure welding, gluing).